MnZn Ferrite Core

MnZn Ferrite Core Introduction

MnZn power ferrite core are used mainly for compact transformers and MnZn high-permeability ferrite core for digital communication pulse transformers (signal transformers).. Important factors in the production of high-performance ferrites include high material purity, appropriate chemical composition, appropriate additives, uniform material quality, strict production processing and precise microstructure.

Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd is a specialist in MnZn ferrite cores manufacturing , and produce and supply various (MnZn power magnets)Mnzn power core. There are two series available: low power loss cores and high permeability cores

Method for producing MnZn Ferrite Core

We produce MnZn power by a ferrite small in magnetic loss and power loss, the ferrite obtained by the method, and a core for power source using the ferrite. Producing a MnZn-based power ferrite core comprising a process for keeping a maximum temperature during firing and a temperature- reducing process in a nitrogen atmosphere, a nitrogen atmosphere switching temperature T in the temperature-reducing process is more than 1,000 deg.C but less than 1,150 ℃, and a temperature-reducing rate V1 satisfies the formula T≤(V1+1,450)/1.5, wherein, T is a nitrogen atmosphere switching temperature ( ℃), and V1 is a temperature-reducing rate in the range of from the temperature T to 900 ℃(℃/time). The core for MnZn power source is prepared by using the ferrite obtained by the above method.

Applying fields for some of our products:

MnZn Power ferrite core series with around2500 and 2300 like EER cores, RM cores, U cores, EPC core, EP cores, pot cores, choke core and inductor core are mainly used in net transformer core, communication transformers core, compact transformers, pulse transformers, energy-saving lamps and various inductors.The composition of a transformer core depends on such factors as voltage, current, and frequency, and the most efficient transformer core is one that offers the best path for the most lines of flux with the least loss in magnetic and electrical energy. To provide MnZn ferrite core, magnetic core for transformer, and transformer core which assures lower power loss and small deterioration in the magnetic field in the wider excitation magnetic flux density, particularly in the high excitation magnetic flux density (for example, 100 mT or more) and in the high frequency band (for example, 500 KHz).

EER cores with round center leg offer ideal features for the design of SMPS transformers chokes.

RM cores are for high effective packing density.

U-type cores are used for power, pulse and high-voltage transformers.

EP and EPC cores are for compact transformer designs with high inductance and high economy of space.

Pot cores are intended for use in inductive proximity switches.

Usually all the magnetic cores in our Index were made without extra mold fee but customer should acknowledge the necessity of new mould whenever sending a special inquiry. we also produce your requested core according to specific electromagnetic characteristics, shapes, sizes and coating treatment.

Let our technical expertise and experience handle all of your requirements. We export a broad range of sizes from our factories, We have a team of engineers who lend their specialized skills into technical design to meet your exacting specifcations. Samples are always handled and delivered as quickly as possible. Tooling-up time normally takes less than three weeks for small size sample. Send us your specifications today, and we will promptly meet your design requirements with affordably-priced products.

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The quality of our products is guaranteed,Delivery guaranteed in 20 days after confirmation of order,Payment terms are T/T or L/C at sight.

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After sales services such as insurance,shipping ,customs,export documents,quality inspections,and maintenance are offered through our customer service center in Xiamen,China.

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